My colleague had booked a room in the Holiday Inn at Brentford in the UK for one night. He did so online.

He thought that he may need another room for another colleague. 24 hours before he was due to travel, his wife miscarried and I stepped in to handle the meeting he was due to attend and took over the hotel booking. I was unaware of the extra room that had been booked and my colleague, in his dazed and confused state had failed to cancel the extra room. On arrival at Holiday Inn at 10 PM at night I was told that we had two rooms booked.

I explained the situation and they were intransigent – they insisted on charging me £240 for the extra room that was needed. The hotel was not full so they would not have been able to sell the room to someone else. The manager - Tiran Nanayakkara - showed no compassion.

My own room was cold and noisy. £500 later, I left the Holiday Inn feeling very pissed and ensuring that everyone in my company never stays in that group ever again.

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