1.We paid more for a hotel that has a pool and hot tub, but upon our arrival we were told it wasn't open due to maintenance.

2. The staff led us to believe that they have a free continental breakfast, but when we went to eat, they said it was ten dollars.

3. We locked our keys in our room, and went to get a replacement and the woman at the front desk said we had to have an id. Our ids were in our room, so we had to wait for our friend to get back from the bar to show her id so we could get into our room. Which was where all of our belongings were.

4. Couldn't check in when we wanted to, because they didn't have our rooms ready. This made us late to supercross because we couldn't get into the rooms to get ready.

5. The vending machines weren't up to par. I had to walk to two different floors before I could find a machine that wasn't sold out of water bottles.

*Overall the hotel room was fine, but the lack of these things seemed to all add up.

Review about: Holiday Inn Room.

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