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I am writing a review of Holiday inn of Ithaca. I have recently stayed & worked there. It is not a nice place to stay or work.

There have been numerous accounts of mold growing in their showers, behind the toilets, & around the air conditioners.

They treat their employees real bad making them work more than 8 hours with only one break. Employees have had to work until midnight while the supervisor goes home.

They are not given a decent meal to keep energy up. They have a pregnant woman working there more than 8 hours and in the mold.

The supervisor steals things from the rooms and blames the workers. many employees have been fired because supervisor goes into peoples stay over rooms, moves their things to where she wants them and blames the employees if something is said.

Review about: Holiday Inn Room.

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Hicksville, New York, United States #61440

Wow i wouldnt want to work their either. But my only negative comments is your employer is not responsible to feed you.

Bring food with you or order a pizza. And as far as breaks, front desk employees do not get breaks at any hotel I have worked for 5 different ones.

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