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I was trying to get ahold of the woman, Connie, in charge of scheduling wedding receptions at the Holiday Inn, Sunspree Resort in Panama City Beach, Fl. I called for FIVE weeks!

Not everyday, sometimes just once or twice, on a Monday and Friday, a week. Each time I was polite, despite my aggrivation. I made sure to be polite because this was the only place on the beach that was not booked for the day we wanted our wedding, that could hold the amount of people we wanted to invite. So, I did not want to get nasty with the woman because I was hoping to work with her on my event!

Well, after the fifth week, I called a friend who knew some hirer-ups there and asked if she still worked there, maybe I was leaving messages for an empty position. He got back to me and said yes, she did. That information made me even more annoyed. So I called the Assistant General Manager and told him my problem.

He said he would follow up that afternoon or next day morning. I never heard from him. Two days after that, I called again, this time asking to speak with a General Manager. The nice front desk lady, who knew me by voice by this time, told me that the manager was in meetings but told me the event coordinator was at her desk if I wanted to speak to her.

Although I felt SHE should swollow her pride by now and call me... in the end I could care less. All's I cared about was booking my wedding, this lady could think whatever she wanted of me. So I was transferred to her.

She immediately knew who I was and was very rude! I started out introducing myself and saying "I was interested in having my wedding re..." and before I could say "reception" She interrupted me and said "We don't have weddings here, only receptions!!!" very nasty! So I responded calmly, "Yes, and if you would have let me finish I would have gone on to say wedding REception" Then she told me that the room I wanted did not host events. Although I was just there a month ago at a convention in the ROOM!

Needless to say I ended up getting off the phone with her abruptly... yes I hung up on her because I wasn't going to be talked to like that. And then the Assistant General Manager, whom never followed up with me or did his job in ANY WAY called me and said "I was beginning to cause problems there and the Holiday Inn no longer wants me to even have my wedding reception there." I flipped out! How could me, calling patiently for FIVE weeks, now be the villian???

I called corporate and they put in a request for the owners of that holiday inn to call me within 24 hours. It's been 4 days and still no word!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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